What 5 years of Architecture School made me…

Aanchal Khandelwal
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and things I learned.

Before I start with this life story, please note that I am the queen of spillover. So any mess around here shall be ignored with all comfort.

Architecture education is a 5 year-long design course, where we enhance the design skills, questioning the form with functionality. Also, on a sweet note-

“We are Architects not Architecture, simply like People who study Engineering and are called Engineers


Here is a list of the various things that are ingrained in me now, after going through the 5 years in SPA Delhi. It made me grow into what I am today with exponential growth, learnings and lots of fun. All the Humpty dumpty had a great fall and showing off the strong sides, the 5 years with a diverse amount of people from different states, religions, backgrounds made me more accomodating with things and gave an enriching life experience.

  • Massive Organizer, OCD to have things in Place.
    From having a proper workstation to sorting books, pages according to shade cards. Vibrance and hue always trigger the inner soul to find colour where ever I go. The work-life, studio culture and sucker of aesthetics got me into a person who organises things and strives on settled things.
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash
  • Keep asking a lot of questions.
    As said, No question is a stupid question, before executing some disaster without proper knowledge. Architecture school made a curious and intriguing person who wants to question things, their existence and rely on facts, to understand its conditioning. It made me a more understanding human, who reacts to situations accordingly after analyzing and questioning the scenarios. Questions make things more sorted out and one is able to form their own perspectives accordingly.
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  • Be Exploring & Ready to (Un)Learn
    As we see, stagnant water smells. That is why we shouldn’t stop, trying to learn and be explorative in every phase of our life, developing us. There is a lot that is ingrained, which has to be unlearned to grow into better versions of ourselves. Each day brings out a lot of things through which we can learn, unlearn, explore, teach and grow. After all, change is the only constant one should have.
  • Observe Mostly, Discover More.
    We learn a lot, just by seeing others; that is basically when one can reflect on the actions always. Observing Human Behavior teaches a lot about the person and thus one can encounter a lot of perspectives and develop on to their relations and bonds. Sometimes, one can feel and be of use to others when they need you the most, at unsaid times and events.
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  • Small things make a massive difference.
    One who cares about Little Things, sorts the Huge things in parts as well. Smaller chunks make things resolvable and accessible; from long lost connections to harder conversations, things at times get easier when approached with a lot of ease and without unsaid pressure. Thus, Conversate, Listening, Analyse and then Speaking is the motto of life.
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  • Be decisive. Stick to an idea and go for it.
    As said time and tide wait for none. Being able to be decisive, regarding the tasks to perform. This one is a major one especially if you are the type of person that has too many ideas and can’t decide on one. Architecture courses made me understand the value of keeping going, because when confusion strikes one needs to keep flowing. Thus we should start with something and eventually, ideas will grow and evolve. We cannot really make a picture-perfect product in one go, it organically grows. Being decisive and then sticking to it requires a lot of trust and self courage to flow through, which develops with time but one needs to learn to take the initial step.
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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. -Winston Churchill

While being in the journey of Architecture schools with an enormous amount of ideas and new learning each day either from the work, peers, curriculum or just observation I can proudly say that it made me into a Human I had aspired in my childhood.

Thanks for reading it till here. I believe this would have given you some insights and values to look upon in yourself. Would like to hear from you regarding your experiences, either a public comment or sliding into my DM xD.



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